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Välisvalgustite valimisel tuleb arvestada päris mitu aspekte. Peamine on muidugi turvalisus. Valgustus peab olema ühtlane, et ei pimestaks ega ei tekitaks valgusreostust. Valgusti värv on samuti tähtis. Peale värvi on tähtis ka vastupidavus, vahel põrutuskindlus ja tema energiasäästlikus.



15,60 €

Pamper your exterior walls with something extra. Hang this plastic board outside without worries. This Yazoo LED wall lighting shines with its IP value of 54. You illuminate your terrace with warm, white light of 2700 K. Place this lighting element next to your friend door. Your guests are immediately at the right place.


29,40 €

This sly ninja subtly lights your terrace or front façade. Yazoo LED from Lucide peers through its black plastic mask. The warm, white light rays of 2700 K create cosy moments in the evenings. This lighting master in disguise has a diameter of 26 centimetres. You receive an LED bulb as standard with this wall lighting. Sustainable, energy-efficient and resistant to bad weather:


40,20 €

This Twan-LED lighting element decorates your living room walls or terrace wall. Thanks to the IP value of 54, this modern lamp withstands even the roughest weather circumstances. Rain or wind? No problem. These black, modern wall lamps fit both indoors and outdoors. Hang several of these aluminium lamps next to each other to illuminate your entire terrace.