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FIGO välisvalgusti 1xE27/ESL 20W max./excl.


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FIGO välisvalgusti 1xE27/ESL 20W max./excl.



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Metall / Plast
26,8 cm
21,5 cm
2 nädalat
2 aastat
24 cm
1xE27/ESL 20W max./excl.

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A piece of ingenuity on your exterior wall! Meet Ti solar LED. This wall light combines solar energy with LED technology in a surprising way.In addition, this high-tech outdoor lighting is finished in an up-to-date design in matte black. The armature is just 20 centimetres long and 14 centimetres wide.


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You will immediately want to take the Biltin lamp home. These recessible ground spots are ideal for those who want to illuminate a terrace in a classy way. Or would you rather highlight certain elements of your driveway? The power of 35W provides beautiful light production. This tall lighting can also be proud of the materials of which Biltin is made. 


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You turn me upside down. This Goess wall light from Lucide hangs like a stylish stalactite from its aluminium wall plate. This dark, modern lamp is sturdy and rock solid: the IP rating of 54 proves that this light source is weather resistant. Ideal for creating the right mood in the garden or on your terrace. This lighting looks like a miniature version of a classic streetlamp


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Eye-catcher spotted! Yes, with the Biltin ground spot, the world is at your feet. The recessible lamp comes best into its own when it is surrounded by a modern outdoor environment. Biltin, with its powerful 35W light source, thus creates a real lighting sensation in the garden and on your terrace. 


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A modern torch disguised as classic street lighting. The aluminium frame and art glass have an IP rating of 54. This means that this lighting from Lucide also holds its own outdoors. In wind and weather, Goess spreads warm light, to also be able to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors in the evenings. 


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Eclipse keeps an eye on things outdoors. The outdoor lighting is fitted with a built-in motion sensor. Thanks to its IP value of 54, this modern wall lighting is weather resistant. Rain or hail storms do not stop this guard: with the slightest movement, the lighting element leaps into action.